Arcadia Dental, Kalamazoo, MI

Our staff want you to know a little more about their activities both in and out of the office.

Rusel Hollister, D.D.S., M.S.


I am a California native and lived most of my first 24 years a half mile from Disneyland, where my youth was filled with the beaches, mountains and the deserts of Southern California. I attended the University of California Irvine graduating with an Honors degree, of Bachelor of Science in the Biological Sciences (1972) and then completed my Master of Science in Medical Pharmacology & Toxicology (1974). I gladly left California in late 1974 when I was offered a research position at The Upjohn Company. After three years in research, I decided I wanted to help people in the field of healthcare and chose dentistry.

While living in Kalamazoo I met my wife Ann and we were married in the Kalamazoo Nature Center's bird watching room in 1975.

In 1977, I went to the University of Detroit Dental School, where, after four long years, I graduated in 1981 with my Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree. I was now a dentist. When I first visited Michigan in '74, I was greatly impressed with the friendly & kind residents of the Kalamazoo area, along with Ann being a Kalamazoo native we decided it was the place to start my dental practice. I worked for another dentist as an associate for the first one & a half years, then in 1983, we opened our office on the downtown Kalamazoo Mall. We moved to our present location on KL Ave. in 1995. Ann has been my dental assistant since we began our dental practice.

We have two children, our daughter, Eleanor and our son, Richard, both Western Michigan University students. Ann & I enjoy winter and summer sports, camping, hiking and road trips. I became a certified shooting coach and instructor for the 4-H Junior Shooting Team. We both go to Michigan and National competitions and Championships. We live on a small farm in Cooper Township.

Ann Hollister


I am a native of Kalamazoo and was in the last class to graduate from the "Old" Kalamazoo Central High School. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Recreation Science at Western Michigan University.

I have been a dental assistant with Rus since he started dentistry in 1981. Over the years as I learned more and more, I began taking over some of the laboratory tasks doing model work.

I have become an avid skier over the past several years, taking many advanced lessons from advanced fellow ski instructors at the slope and am now an instructor myself. This started when Rus & I became adult chaperons for the weekly Plainwell Schools' Ski Club outings; Rus stayed inside while I began going out onto the slopes. I also thoroughly enjoy being one of two Poultry Superintendents for the Kalamazoo County 4-H Program. In the summer, my garden is my major project, I enjoy growing flowers, vegetables and fruits.



I am the scheduler, insurance coordinator and business office manager for Dr. Hollister. Prior to my current postion I was a chairside dental assistant and have spent 18 years in the dental field.

Outside of the office I enjoy spending time with the loves of my life, my kids, Porter and Emma. I enjoy scrapbooking, camping and exploring northern Michigan with my family.



I am currently working towards my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Western Michigan University. Dr. Hollister is my Dad and I spend the majority of my time doing accounting work for the practice. Occasionally, you may see me at the front desk filling in for Hanna.

I have a wide variety of interests outside of school & work including reading, video gaming and woodworking.



Noreena is a dental hygienist and the newest member of our team.

She enjoys working with patients to help them take optimal care of their oral health.

Paula, Dental Hygienist

Jodi, Dental Hygienist

Michelle, Dental Assistant